1. "Keeper Hoy & His Pets," Sheep and keeper in front of sheep house (the future and now former Tavern on the Green), Central Park, ca. 1914. Photo by Albert W. Schaad, Central Park Zoo. 


  2. Mayor Dinkins with the “Gang of Four.” Left to Right: Mayor Dinkins, Basil Paterson, Percy Sutton, and Charles Rangel, June 10, 1991.

    New York politician Basil Paterson, father of former Gov. David Paterson, died last night at age 87. Paterson was a state senator in the 1960s, and was then appointed by Mayor Ed Koch in 1978 to be a deputy mayor. Under Gov. Hugh Carey he became New York’s first black secretary of state.


  3. NYPD Traffic Division: traffic conditions, Times Square, ca. 1940


  4. Amongst Eugene de Salignac’s many photographic duties was the taking of portraits for licenses. He often shot two men at a time, and we’ve been enjoying the match up of men. One may be a chauffer, and one may be for an oil burner license, but they are a great document of different working men. [Should have mentioned de Salignac was the photographer for the Department of Bridges/Plant & Structures from 1906 to 1934.]


  5. Williamsburg Bridge view of news stands Manhattan plaza loops 2 to 6 along south trolley stairs, house, June 3, 1918. Photo by Eugene de Salignac.

    This elegant structure once stood in the middle of Delancey Street and was the transfer point for the trolley lines and underground trains. It is gone but the underground station remains and is the subject of the proposed Lowline Park project.


  6. Battery Park after tree planting, with lower Manhattan beyond, ca. 1955

    During the construction of the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, in the late 1940s, Battery Park was entirely torn open


  7. NYC Farm Colony: View showing offices and various wooden buildings resembling private houses in a small town, 1904. Department of Public Charities


  8. Manhattan Bridge [Canal Street] Keerkel & Badd to Chrystie Street, January 22, 1913. 

    One of over 15,000 photographs by Eugene de Salignac now online.


  9. Female cadet demonstrates self defense at Police Academy show at the World’s Fair, Flushing, NY, June 28, 1940.


  10. Auto accident on “Whooper Coaster,” Cross Bay Blvd, Ozone Park, Emergency Squad #17, June 25, 1931.

    I’m curious if anyone can shed some light on what the “Whooper Coaster” was, just a badly designed bridge, or some amusement ride?